Welcome to mLab


The Mannheim Laboratory for Experimental Economics (mLab) is a research group dedicated to advancing the understanding of human decision making behavior in economically relevant situations. To achieve this we use both theoretical and empirical methods, in particular experiments. We conduct such decision-making experiments in the field, via the internet and in the laboratory.

We are constantly looking for paid volunteers as participants in our experiments, which usually take place in our research computer lab in B6 A202 in the School of Mathematics and Computer Science Building. Importantly, the tasks that we ask people to do are not hypothetical: The choices that our subject volunteers make have quite real consequences - there is actual money on the table. Since earnings depend on people's choices (and sometimes also on luck) we cannot guarantee fixed hourly rates. However, we try to calibrate the rewards such that we pay on average 10€ - 12€ per person for a typical one-hour experiment.

If you are interested in experiencing fundamental behavioral research first hand and don't mind earning some money for just a little bit of your time, you can register with us HERE. Registering does not commit you to anything and you can unregister at any time.